Diekola Vs Aregbesola: You’re A Liar, I took you to Aregbesola in Lagos- Esuleke


In what appears to be a direct response to the recent public outburst of an APC leader in the state, Alhaji Fatai Diekola, many political gladiators have started coming up with different stories in defence of Governor Rauf Aregbesola.

Diekola had last week friday at an empowerment programme of the deputy speaker of the house of representatives, Hon. Lasun Yusuf in osogbo described Aregbesola as an imperialist, who has brought nothing but hardship to all party memebers.

He was quoted to have berated the governor of the state for single handedly ruling the affairs of the state and the party.

Since the news of Diekola claiming he brought Aregbesola to power from Lagos and his vow to send him back, broke, social media have been flooded with information to counter the claims made by the APC leader.

At a political gathering in Oosogbo on Sunday, another leader of the party in Osogbo Local government where Diekola originally comes from, Chief Kayode Idowu Esuleke was quick to call Dieokola a liar.

He said “None of the three of us that are concern is dead. it was during ramadan period that year, that myself and Isiaka Faramade took Diekola to Lagos to meet Aregbesola. It was (Rosebud)Faramade that paid our hotel bill to the tune of 7500. Diekola and I slept on the same bed and when it was time for sahur, i called Diekola to get up and have his meal after which we proceeded to the residence of Aregbesola, so we could introduce him (Diekola) to him (Aregbesola).

“When we got to Aregbesola’s residence, we introduced Diekola to him and Aregbesola immediately replied that he did not know him. Diekola then told him that, he was only looking for a way to re-brand his already spoilt name and not looking for any political gains. And when asked what spoilt his name, he said because of the Goverment House………..

“He (Diekola) has gained so much and even more than any other person from the administration of Aregbesola, but, he is an ingrate. i was surprised to learn that he told the gathering at Lasun Yusuf Programme on Friday, that he brought Aregbesola to power from Lagos. He’s a liar and deceiver that must not be given any credence”

Esuleke response, is just one of many reactions that have been trailing Diekola”s claims.


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