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Quick Reminder: Senate-"We Will Shut Down Nigeria" And Now RECs Confirmation Is Suspended

Some days back when the Nigerian senate was quoted to have threatened to shut Nigeria down, so many people including the senate itself came out to debunk the news. Excerpts below:

"Recall, that the refusal of the SGF to appear before the Senate, came barely a few hours when the Customs Comptroller-General, Hammed Ali, had also declined to appear before the Senate, claiming that it would be subjudice for him to return to the Senate in uniform, since a Legal Practitioner had asked the Federal High Court, Abuja, to restrain the National Assembly from compelling him to wear uniform in the performance of his duties.

According to the Senate Spokesman, Nigeria’s democracy was heading towards total destruction, because of the refusal of the cabals in Aso Rock to honour Legislative summons.

Saraki said: “We are performing our constitutional mandate, and if anybody is going to court to stop us, then what it means is that we should all go to court and stop the entire government from working.

“That is exactly what we are saying; that if this (refusal to honour Legislative summons) continues to happen, then goodbye to democracy. It means I can even go to court to stop you from doing your work.

“We will see how that will continue to play out, and I think this is the end of democracy in Nigeria, if that continues to play out.”

With the suspension of the confirmation of Residential Electoral Commisioners, it can now be said that the machinery of democracy is now on hold due to the senate's protest against what they described as rudeness of presidential aides.

How this will pan out for the polity and Nigerians at large remains a question of time as the people wait to see who blinks first between the presidency and the Nigerian senate.

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