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Alleged BBOG Grants: Chibok Community Defends Ezekwesili

Against the backdrop of some online reports which went viral some days back about some grants released by international donors and agencies for the BBOG cause championed by Dr Obiageli Ezekwesili, the Chibok community under the auspices of Kibaku Area Development Association (KADA), has come to the defence of the ex-minister.

The community in a press statement did not only condemn the online report but also thanked Ezekwesili for her selfless service in making the return of the abducted chibok girls a reality.

An online report had indicated days ago that contrary to the believe that the BBOG is a non-donor organisation, the report suggested that the group's leadership has taken grants and donations running to several million of dollars f

rom donors and agencies. Read the full text of KADA below.

The attention of the Chibok Community leadership has been drown to a maliciously fabricated report by Greenbarge Reporters (@greenbreporters) and it is being widely shared on social media platforms purposely to tarnish the hard earned reputation and integrity of an exceptional woman and  mother that has sacrificed all and is still sacrificing more for the sake of shared humanity with our daughters, parents and the Chibok community at large.
We as members of the Chibok Community, having witnessed such exceptional show of love and of humanity, full of unequaled empathy by Dr(Mrs.) Oby Ezekwesili cannot sit back and watch some men of evil intentions distract her divine call to stand with the poor girls still missing and their visibly devastated parents. Dr. Oby Ezekwesili has committed her time,intellect and other resources to anything that can help galvanize our Government and the global community to rescue our Chibokgirls.

Keeping quiet at this critical moment of the advocacy, championed by her even when many had moved on is inconceivable. Allowing such malicious libel to go on amounts to ungratefulness and lack of appreciation for the great sacrifice displayed by ordinary citizens who choose to stand for fellow citizens in dare need of voices of reason, most especially that of Dr. Oby Ezekwesili.

We the entire members of the Chibok community by this statement wish to call on those determined on tarnishing her hard earned image and reputation to desist from such baseless and malicious acts of cowardice and show of shame to embrace the truth and focus on her message;All girls are not yet back, we still to demand for their rescue, and that BBOG as a movement
still and will continue to be Non-donor funded movement. BBOG does not accept and will never accept donation from anywhere or anybody. We wish to call on all that are sharing in the fabricated and malicious information about monies received to desist from such shameful and malicious venture in order not to be visited by God’s wrath and the long arm of the law soonest. To be forewarned is to be forearmed.

Dr Oby Ezekwesili stands on her disciplined upbringing to never fail to keep a promise. She stands up for the Chibok girls simply because of her pledge at the beginning to not stop until all the Chibok girlsare back and alive. We always encourage her never be distracted by all the darts thrown at her, but to remain focused and have the assurance that the entire Chibok Community, and most especially the parents of the abducted girls are with her in this advocacy to the end.

As a community, we wish to state that we are  not in any way deterred and we wish to inform all ambassadors of goodwill and lovers of humanity to disregard all fallacy aimed at defaming a woman who is sacrificing all for this noble course. We can attest to her character and commitment at best;so we call people with such fake messages as our enemies who even denied and keep denying the abduction and never wanted the girls issue to have the fore.These are people who just want to reduce every act of sacrifice to transactions and or deals. No matter the distractions the message cannot be lost, all the girls are not yet back and we urge all to stand with us, as we appreciate the sacrifices and pray for more strength for Dr. (Mrs.)ObyEzekwesili, and appeal to her to never to give in to such malicious fabrications from the evil men who want the Chibok girls wished away.

Thank You.


Dr. Manasseh Allen DaudaN Iliya
Director Media/Publicity National President

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