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#ATributeToPat; An Ode to Nigerian Forebearers

By Chris Nwaokobia 

You are 2years today with the Saints Triumphant my Sister PATRICIA IZUOFUNNEKA AMITAYE nee NWAOKOBIA. 3days ago I wrote our elder brother Nnamdi Fidelis Nwaokobia a tribute, nay a letter. I'm compelled to send you on a similar voyage, having transited to the same plane as Nnamdi.

However, I must not bother you too much since you are only 24months into your rest, but with the happenings down here I shall bother you all the same. I must ask you first to pass my greatest regards to our Grandmother Adanwaorji Christiana Nwanze, give our Dad and my Mentor a warm hug, tell Uchenna Ruth Nwaokobia that she is thoroughly missed, and do not forget to tell Angel Lulus, Lt. Emmanuel Tobechukwu Nwaokobia that his absence remains a huge void. In all, our solace is in the matchless fortitude that the Almighty gives.

Pat, you have to tell our primogenitors, go tell Herbert Macauley, tell the Great Zik, tell the Sarduana, tell the Sage Awo, and tell Saro-Wiwa that our Country is increasingly turning to a circus, that it appears that the more we crave for change the more things remain the same. Tell them that corruption tears to smithereens every fabric of State. Tell them that Nigerians are strangely opting for suicide as the way out of the miasma that defines daily life.

Tell them that kidnappers are getting more villainous, remind them that it was the villains who truncated your earthly sojourn two years ago. But do not forget to add that had the villains any means of livelihood they perhaps would be better humans.

Tell them that things are getting curiouser and curiouser, as the dramaturgy that attend the anti-corruption war of Govt appears endless. That billions of orphaned funds are being found by the EFCC, monies stolen as it were, but the thieves appear faceless and nameless. Please pray for Nigeria.

Your Boo, Tony Amitaye, your Son, Wonderful, and your daughter Trust, are fine. Rest on my beloved Sister.

Chris Mustapha Nwaokobia Jnr.

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