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SAD! Nigerian Journalist Nabbed For Bank Robbery In The USA

The picture above is that of  Abdullahi Shuaib, a Nigerian journalist caught and paraded for armed robbery in the United States of America.

Abdulahi Shuaib was said to be a staff of the News Agency Of  Nigeria (NAN). While he was transferred to the United Nations headquarters, Abdullahi refused to come back to Nigeria after his duty tour ended.

He automatically terminated his appointment with NAN and worked as an aide before joining another Newspaper outfit which had working partnership with NAN but based in Nigeria, Abdullahi Shuaib was said to be acting  the UN correspondent.

Abdullahi's taste for ostentatious life is been attested to by those who knew so well in Nigeria before he left the shores of this country.
 While covering the Nigerian Customs Service, Abdullahi allegedly connnived with some people to be using journalists names to collect cars and resell. The bubble however bursted when the names of some his colleagues were to be used but those whose names are being used are known to be a no-nonsense set of journalists.

This ugly incident is now the hottest discourse in journlists' circles especially those who knew Abdullahi Shuaibu.

He was arrested for alleged bank robbery

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