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"Time To Let Go" - Jibrin Seeks Buhari's Resignation In 30 Tweets

1-PMB, TIME TO LET GO: So many issues are left unattended even small issues that a presidential cough can deal with are left hanging 1-30

1-PMB, TIME TO LET GO: So many issues are left unattended even small issues that a presidential cough can deal with are left hanging 1-30

2-Supporters are worried, understandably resorting to grumbling in hush voices while keeping bold faces and holding on to hope and prayers

3-The govt has so many soft target for internal and external opposition to feast.We must tell ourselves the truth rather than live in denial

4-At PMB's age, working actively for over 50 years , even without his present health condition, his capacity will be greatly challenged

5-Mr president himself admitted that he has never been this sick in his entire life which makes the entire scenario really worrisome

6-Then we are reminded everyday that PMB will travel abroad again to attend to his health as if it is just normal and we should celebrate?

7-I believe that the combination of these two factors of his age and health situation has slowed down the pace of PMB and the APC govt

8-This has become clearly noticeable because it is a time that the country is expected to be on auto cruise in dealing with its challenges

9-bearing in mind that the present APC government is fast running out of time yet things continue to go even slower, slower and slower!

10-The more PMB appears on camera, the more the narrative of his health situation takes the center stage and the uncertainly it creates.

11-It is a narrative that has over powered what ever official function Mr President is discharging since his return from medical vacation.

12-PMB gave his all to Nigeria. He is a great man, an enigma like Mandela. If we truly love him, We must not allow him to be rubbished.

13-Life and health belongs to God but the more I see pictures of Mr President, the more Iam convinced he needs to go and rest. He needs it!

14-The president I see on camera needs  full home care not office, moderately quiet life, enough rest and quality time with his family.

15-Sometimes there is no harm in been driven in a car you labour to buy and who knows? You might even enjoy the ride better on owners' seat

16-PMB should opt for or encourage to accept a negotiated exit. The country can not afford a sort of part time president at this time

17-This is not as easy but it is doable. I do not think PMB is obsessed with power, I only think the practical way to go about things is to

18-key in the interest of those who are or can be an obstacle around the president for fear of losing their positions or relevance

19-The interest of PMB himself, his family and friends, some officials and regional sentiments are interest that should be addressed

20-If we truly love PMB, we must apply some urgent diplomacy, resolve these issues quickly, move on and save the country valuable time

21-Mr President can be giving a special concession to nominate a new VP. We should expect that he nominates a very competent northerner

22-A nominee that can get things done and have the capacity to unite the north and assuage it feelings for losing the presidency again

23-We the northerners should accept it as destiny, may be Almighty God is so disappointed with the present generation of northern leaders

24-And may be God wants to reserve the northern presidential slot for the younger and vibrant northern generation that will come after us

25- I also believe Mrs Buhari is competent enough and can be considered for a cabinet position. She has paid her dues in APC, anyway

26-The incoming President will have to do some diplomatic shuttle to few powerful officials to address what ever their fears may be

27-A committee of all former heads of states, APC leaders and DSS can work together to push through this agenda in our collective interest

28-I apologise to any body who might misunderstand my tweets or feel offended. I have to love PMB even more and have nothing against him

29-But this is my candid opinion and advice. It may not be the case or perfect but it has conviction of my conscience and I will sleep well

30-I have listened to many arguments, non is worth the life of PMB. He has done his best. I believe it is time he let go. God bless you all

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