Watch How Market Women Resent, Protest Omoluabi Scale Enforcement In Osogbo


 Activities at the popular Igbona market in Osogbo was partially disrupted tuesday due to the activities of the state ministry of commerce and cooperative in enforcing the usage of Omoluabi measurement scale by the market women especially those dealing with grains and measurable products.

The ministry’s task force and compliance officials have been in the market as early as 9in the morning not only to monitor the level of compliance but also to sell the new scale to defaulters who m ight have not  it earlier.

This move was however resented by the market women. The reason given by the market women include non-conformity IN the measurement which they use in buying their products from the villages and other produce points where they get their goods from and the scale which is being introduced by the state government.

The women got more angered as their goods were seized by the task force which made the whole scenario turn to protest by the market women.

While some actually bought the measurement scale,  so many rejected the idea saying its usage is tantamount to loss for them.

The market women also accused the state government of not giving them any orientation as to the workings of the new scale.

Leadership of the market women were later spotted in the market apparently to sensitize their members on the need to embrace the new measurement scale. The market women however vow to reject the new scale asking the state government to produce en-masse, the old scale with strong monitoring team which will after and prosecute anyone who tampers with such scale.


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