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Alledged $25B Contract Scam: Is Buhari Playing Jonathan? By Solomon Adebayo

Some of us staked our support for Buhari in his quest to Aso Rock when the latter-day Buhari supporters and praise singers were hiding under the table and could not even call Buhari's name in public.

My unflinching support for Buhari when it was even risky to do so stem from when President Jonathan's lost  his grip on power, his weakness and inability to take actions when they matter.

My detour from President Jonathan was his weakness and inability to take actions when about twenty young Nigerians were forced to their graves during a fraudulent recruitment exercise.

President Jonathan's refusal to hold the then Minister Abba Moro to account just because he was the protégé of the then-Senate President David Mark. So, the then President staked his integrity just not to offend David Mark.

Sadly, Buhari is now plying the Jonathan card by daily turning the major plank of his administration-fight against corruption into  one huge joke.

From turning deaf and dumb to allegations of corruption against his friends and key members of his admiration (lots of petitions against Fashola, Fayemi, and Amaechi before the EFFC are gathering dust)
Recent allegations of corruption and abuse of office against the IGP has not also caught the president's ear.

Even when he grudgingly took action on the corruption allegations against his SGF, the President set up a panel rather than referring the allegations  to the right agency, EFCC to investigate.

Months after, the report of the panel set up to investigate his SGF is still in the cooler.

And now, the biggest of all scam in the Buhari administration is brewing: the 24 billion dollars contract scam in the NNPC and the President has kept mute about it despite being alerted by  his Minister of Petroleum.

President Buhari and the APC will go down deeper  on the wrong side of history than Ex-President Jonathan and the PDP because President Jonathan and the PDP did not pretend to fight corruption but the APC and President Buhari came to power on the promise of fighting corruption and now dancing backward.

At 74, will President Buhari allow his legacies to be rubbished like ex-President Jonathan?

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