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Exclusive: Documents Show How State House Perm Sec. Siphoned 2016 Budget Of Clinic Among Other Atrocities

After the outburst by the  wife of the president on the non-functionality of Aso Rock clinic, more revelations are coming out.

While accusing finger is already directed to the Chief Medical Director of Aso rock clinic, the brain behind the sorry state of the clinic is actually Jalal Aribi, state house permanent secretary.

According to timenewsng impeccable source,  "in actual fact a lot of people will be surprised to know that perpetrator behind the scandal is not the CMD but the permanent secretary State House Jalal Aribi, who must be feared by all"

Startling facts have beem released showing the complicity of Aribi and several memos raised by the CMD to complain about the dilapidated state of the clinic owing to deliberate actions and inactions of the permanent secretary. who is very close to some civil servants in the state house who are fed up with his antics and aseries of charges have been levelled against him by the public servants he Lords it over.

One of the reasons which ground activities of the clinic was because doctors on internship have deserted the facility because of non-payment of salaries.

Aribi was accused of collecting  salaries of internship doctors and putting it In fixed deposit for his own private benefit

In 2017,  only 4 million naira has been spent on drugs in clear departure from the over 200 million Naira budgeted for the purchase of drugs.

Apparently sensing danger and backlash, the Chief Medical Director had to write to President Muhammady Buhari in frustration to report the activities.

Part two coming up !

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