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GEUBE: A Village In FCT Where Surveyors Are Killed At Will

Chris Nwosanyi. The surveyor who was nearly killed with various degree of injury on him

Calls are being for protection by individuals and companies who acquired lands situated around Geube, a village under Kuje local government area of the Federal Capital Territory  from the incessant killings of officials especially those who have one or two connection with the lands in that village like surveyors.

Youths of the town according to those who had harrowing experience in their hands said they have  vowed to continued killing these surveyors until they stop coming to their lands or the government who took their lands compensate them.

The vivid account of a construction engineer Abdulbasit Folorunsho in the hands of these youths described how the surveyor who accompanied him to do some land mapping was severely matcheted and left for dead by these youths who act coordinated with the boast that they've killed many surveyors without any reprimand.

Read Abdulbasit's full account:

 The village name is Geube it's a village under Kuje in FCT.

Majorly the farm lands a allocated from Kuje Area Council..

Got a paper from a land owner and wish to sell it to a buyer who has told me before about her interest in farming.

Yea we set out to Kuje to inspect the land,the owner sent me a Surveyor's number who is to take us to d land with the use of GPS,when we got to a village called #Geube, we made a turn into a forest where some youths crossed our ways with their motorcycle,(actually we parked our cars at AZMA FUELLING STATION AT KUJE and we made use of motorcycles..

This youths asked who ask us to enter their territory,and we explained we were there to inspect a farm land.. without more talks,one of them hit d surveyor with a big club on d head and he fell heavily,the remaining of us started begging and after alot of begging,they packed us to their youth leader who happens to be a gentleman,he instructed this boys not to touch anyone again buh as he was addressing the surveyor why he entered their territory,a man from behind hit d surveyor with Cutlass and he fell on his face.. before we could say jack,he was severely butchered..(they didn't touch d remaining of us) after we explained to them we don't know anything about their rules.

They told us the government have suffered them enough,they have taken almost all their farm lands and yet that's is d only what they live on. And they said they have killed many surveyors in that manner and throw away their bodies...I was scared to death,I believed I only received Allah's favour today and I said Alhamdulilah Shukuralilahi and am still saying it.

We were able to take d surveyor to d hospital (still laying there helplessly).

Please if u know anyone who might be interested in buying farm land anywhere around Kuje,pls warn them.

This account was corroborated even by staff of the Federal Capital Development Agency who says they only venture into Geube with maximum security.

This is a clarion call to the government especially the FCT minister to see to the case of the people of Geube in order to avoid further killings.

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