Over 40,000 Cameroonian refugees expected to cross border

File Photo: Refugees 
The head of the Nigerian Immigration Service, Mohammed Babandede has said that they are ready to ensure the safety of Cameroonian refugees.
“We will respect human rights but won’t allow the migrants to spoil our security situation. We will treat them with dignity. The Cameroonian government has done the same for us during the boko haram crisis,” he said.
He said they are prepared for the possible influx of 40,000 refugees from Cameroon as estimated by the United Nations High Commission for Refugees.
Mass protests have been witnessed in the North west and South West  regions with groups alleging marginalization.
A violent clampdown of protests in the English-speaking regions left several people dead, many injured and hundreds jailed.
Some of the protesters are calling for independence of the Anglophone regions.



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