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"Yahoo Plus! He Ran Mad Yesterday, EFCC Took His Associates In Fraud Away Today" By Bamidele Ademola-Olateju

Yesterday at high noon, he ran outside, shouting, tugging at this brother as if he intended to asphyxiate him. He went berserk! He pulled and shook any object he could find. Sensing danger, the guards who usually cluster in front of the next duplex ran! I got a glimpse of the spectacle because my guard buzzed me and asked that I come and see what was going on. His friends struggled hard to subdue him. It wasn't easy. He was spewing forth gibberish and speaking to voices in his head. Obviously, he's lost his marbles! It was pathetic and horrifying.

You find them in highbrow areas these days. Young adult men with fine haircut, they wear grade C knockoff sneakers, and sagged pants showing off multicolored boxers. Bling and sunglasses from Aliexpress helps complete the look. With Imitation face caps turned backwards, they strut about in expensive cars in "affluent" areas of the megalopolis.

Every morning, I feel a kind of lacerating trepidation when I see these young men live in N100m homes with rent running at N3.5m. I also wonder, how did they come about the kind of money that lets them live this high life without any visible line of work or income stream

This morning at 9am. I was on the phone with Yakub Aliyu discussing the youth demographic, the northern youth and how Circle of Hands can help. As we spoke, my phone beeped at intervals. The generator guy was at the other end. He had told me earlier on he was on the way to replace my electronic control module that's gone bad. I ignored his many calls until I could not again. I bade Mallam Yakub goodbye and strolled to the gate.

There they were! The EFCC came with a white van and rounded everyone in the two houses up! It was a spectacle! They brought out laptops, desktops, tablets, phones and routers. A brand new Toyota Venza, Mercedes Benz and other cars. Along with them were girls whom they took in for the night.

I heard a lot of stories from the guards. The guy who ran mad was quoted to have said, he'll rather die than be poor. None of them is up to  years of 30years of age! The future of Nigeria is in jeopardy! Our youths are lost in the drug and money craze."

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