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Ambode Seeks Confirmation of Edgal As CP Because Of "Ember" Months

Imohimi Edgal, the acting commissioner of police in Lagos state may after all be enjoying the backing of the state governor Akinwunmi Ambode.

Imohimi Edgal within three months of been promoted from Assistant Commissioner of Police to Deputy Commissioner of Police and Acting Commissioner of Police is having the strong backing of the governor in his bid to be confirmed as substantive CP.

Governor Ambode in a personal letter written to president Muhammadu Buhari praised Edgal to high heavens for his role in curbing the "BADOO" menace  and what he has done in making Lagos state a safe haven.

"As we approach the "ember" months that are notorious for rise in criminal rates, it is imperative that whosoever at the helm of affair to be equipped with the authority to carry out the onerous duties of police commissioner.

Mr president, in light of the foregoing, I have no hesitation whatsoever to recommended the confirmation of Imohimi Edgal as the substantive commissioner of police."

The relationship between governor Akinwunmi Ambode and Imohimi Edgal has been under the radar over time.

The document shared below has been in circulation for a while detailing the activities of Ag.CP Edgal lately in Lagos Police Command with various reshuffling of commanders and heads of different formations who got suddenly transferred. And instead of bringing in new hands from the command, Edgal was accused to have brought in hi kinsmen in the  service to head these formations among other allegations levelled against the acting CP.

All these are made possible according to a source due to the support Edgal is getting from Governor Ambode who happens to be his classmate. The issue of the demotion of Edgal was said to have taken the intervention of governor Ambode at higher level and hierarchy before he was reinstated. Imohimi Edgal is also not hiding his closeness to Ambode which he flaunts around reportedly boasting of been untouchable. The Funmi Tejuosho's eviction debacle was also one of the instances cited by this source as one of the many errands which Ambode is using Edgal for, but this is to the dismay of many police officers who are groaning under what they tagged the "highhandedness" of Edgal in Lagos police command.

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