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Aregbesola's 7 Years In Osun Births Unprecedented Transformation

The administration of Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola in the state of Osun in the last 7 years has brought tremendious development to the lenght and breath of the state in all facets of life most especially rural developments through Community and Social Development Projects and direct projects in all the rural areas in the state.

This was the submission of Senior Special Assistant to the governor on Rural Infrastructure and Community Affairs, Alhaji Moshood Titilola.

According to Aregbesola's aide,"giant strides of the present adminstration in rural development is second to none and enviable which has turn the entire state to be most finest state in the whole south western Nigeria".

"Its of no doubt that the present government in the state has impacted positively on the lifes of rural dwellers which has equate them with their counterpart in urban cities."

He said, Aregbesola through series of community development projects has turn the lifes of the people of the rural areas around most especially the 10kilometres road tarred across the 30 local governments areas and that of local government development councils as well as area offices.

Titilola also noted that, dualisation of Osogbo/Ikirun road which was embarked on by the present administration has given Osogbo a new face lift hence, make it a befitting state capital.

He maintained that, administration of Ogbeni Aregbesola through RAMP assisted road projects has given the rural dwellers especially farmers opportunity to transport their goods to the urban city which in no small way has added value to the economic growth of the state.

In the area of Rural electrifications, Titilola noted that,Aregbesola's government in the last seven years has completed 227 while 20 on going.

These according to him has brought libration to the rural dwellers and equate them with the people in the urban centres.

Titilola averred that,95 Boreholes through CSDP  was provided  for differents towns and villages .

He said,20 Town Hall/Civic centres Health Centres were constructed all for rural dwellers

were built by the administration of Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola across the local governments in the state to make life meaningful to the peopleat the rural areas.

The SSA further stressed that, through CSDP, the present administration has built 20 community primary schools across the state.

He however enjoined the citizens of the state not to cease in supporting the current administration so that more development will abound the state.

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