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Nigerian Mothers Celebrated With Their Best Disciplinary Tools (pics)

Happy mother's day y'all!

Today's mothers and children don't know how boring "training" is now.

I mean why hold a dialogue with a child when a well aimed "tornin garri" straight from the steaming hot pot of semovita it was turning just five seconds before its "administrative" services were required; will reset your brain for life?

Or when you see your mother's hand scrambling around under her chair, and that is your signal to run for dear life?

We didn't need performance enhancing drugs then to run, we had enough practice dodging and fleeing from all the "home training" tactics our parents came up with, and look at us today.

PS: The pictures are mother's day ads/memes created by Chris Ogunlowo. Credits below:

Agency: SO&U
Creative Director: Chris Ogunlowo
Deputy CD/Art Director: Abraham Cole
Copywriter: Arisilejoye Adebayo
Piece written by: Viola Ifeyinwa Okolie

Comment what's your mother's best tool and win cards

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