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Nigerians Frown At Buhari's Red Carpet Reception At Dapchi

Nigerians have continued to react to the red carpet reception given to president Muhammadu Buhari at Dapchi in Yobe state.

The government has rolled out red carpet to welcome the president despite going go commiserate with the parents of the kidnapped girls. This has got toingues wagging about the sincerity of the president's visit as some tagged it just a political jamboree.

To a facebook commentator Ify Onyegbule
"Empathy is identifying with the sufferings of the people and aligning with them in their times of trouble!

You visit a place where 110 girls were kidnapped and your handlers rolled out a red carpet for you? Who does that biko?

Will heaven fall if those shoes touch the ground in Dapchi?

***only in Nigeria!"

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