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"We wish you a safe journey to the desert"- YCE replies Coomassie

The Yoruba Council of Elders has come down hard on former Inspector General of police and chairman of the Arewa Consultative Forum (ACF)  over his statement that the rest of Nigeria can't survive without the North.

Ibrahim Coomassie had in a recent interview boasted that Nigeria as a country cannot survive without the input of the northern region.  But in a reaction,  the Yoruba Council of Elders (YCE),  says rather,  it is the rest of Nigeria that need to get away from the north in order not to be burgled down by the under development tendency of the north.

Secretary General of YCE,  Dr Kunle Olajide while reacting to the statement ascribed to Coomassie in Osogbo,  He said "the northern part of the  nation  represents all that is wrong with Nigeria. While the north east is ravaged by  the  insurgentss costing the nation billion of dollars annually, same in the northwest where religious crisis is the order of the day, crisis of the herdsmen of northern extraction is ravaging  north central, the northern part is the home of all negative indices of quality of life.

He pointed accusing finger to the leaders of the north for dragging the nation backwards in term of education, political since it's independence.

He said without the north the rest of Nigeria will  survive even if they breakaway from Nigeria.

"Let me assure Alhaji Coomassie  that much as we want a fair egalitarian Nigerian society, it is not at all cost. The rest of Nigeria will survive, flourish and join the league of first world countries within two decades of the North's exit if they so desire to leave Nigeria. Join me in saying Aurevoir to the exiting north,  I wish them a safe journey to the desert ."

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