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Kwara 2019: Youth Group Endorses Ajia Ibrahim's Governorship Bid

Youths across the one hundred and ninety three wards across the kwara state have endorsed muhammad ajia Ibrahim the founder of muhammad ajia foundation as their most preferred governor ship       choice ahead of 2019 general elections

This was the part of their communique during the 4th kwara yputth stakeholders cconference held at ilotrin. Kwara state

While reading the communique. The chairman kwara youth stakeholders forum comrade Charles ollufemi said the youths across the sixteen local governments in kwara state as  unanimously agreed to present       alhaji muhammad      ajia Ibrahim as the sole governorship candidate in the fourth coming elections

Comrade Charles noted that it is high time for youths  to take over the mandate because old generation has failed the entire country

He added that youths formed seventy five percent of kwarans and it is imperative to allow this generation of to rule and bring back the lost glory of kwara

He said war kwara rmust free from dictatorship. A one man business and a political dynasty

Charles advised all youths across the state to ensured that they all collecedt their pvc because it tools to change the change

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