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"Saving Vulnerable Children Is A Duty For All" -Oluyamo

The scale of vulnerable children in the State of Osun and Nigeria as a whole have been described as not encouraging, since the care of this ones are not hundred percent focal of the governments.

Most of this children found themselves in the situation based on extreme poverty or loss of parents and homes, with inadequate care from relatives.

The President, Women and Girls Organization, Mrs. Margaret Oluyamo made this known in a chat with members of Nigeria Association of Women Journalists NAWOJ, at a courtesy call to her office in the state.

Mrs. Oluyamo who is the wife of the Bishop Diocese Ijesa North, stated that this category of children cannot fight for themselves, hence needing the government to fight for their rights with proactive policies and provision of institutions or orphanages, with the support of individuals and cooperate organizations interested in social service.

She maintained that everyone in the society, from homes, religious bodies and governments need to stand up and be their brother’s keeper by protecting the vulnerable among them.

According to her, under reportage of sensitive issues as such, leaves the vulnerable children who are either orphaned, abandoned, disabled, abused, sick, malnourished due to poverty at risk, and based on their numbers help is needed.

‘When the streets are littered with vulnerable children, especially abandoned ones, the street won’t be safe, because some of this children are used as crime pawn by criminals’.

Aside this, the girl child among the vulnerable children are faced with child abuse, sexual abuse or harassment and prostitution, that gets them pregnant and result to child abandonment after child birth, or even death.

Mrs. Oluyamo charged families, religious bodies and communities to fulfill their roles and duties by protecting and providing their wards with basic necessities, because lack of this pushes this children to the vulnerable state, she affirmed.

She therefore made a clarion call to all, to support the governments in being involved in social service by rendering humanity service to this less privilege, thereby making the society a better place for all, irrespective of class or status.

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