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Ogun Police Intercept 34,865 Live Cartridges From Smugglers

The Ogun state Police command has claimed unto have intercepted a mini truck carrying 34, 865 live cartridges from suspected smugglers.

The live cartridges were intercepted by the Police in Imeko afon Local government area of the state when the suspected smugglers were trying to smuggle it into the state.

The three suspects include ; Isa Muhammad, 36 years, Alabi Fayemi, 25 years and Seyi Bamgbose 38 years.

While parading the suspects on Saturday at Imeko- Afon divisional Police Headquarters , the Commissioner of Police, Ahmed Iliyasu vowed to make the state hot for criminals.

The Police boss claimed the suspects were cross boarder smugglers who are hell bent on causing havoc in the country.

Iliyasu explained that the truck was coming from the Republic of Togo and heading to Onitsha in Anambra state.

Iliyasu however , added that the suspects have been on the watchlist of the command for over six months.

However, in a counter reaction, the trio of the suspects claimed to be innocent of the crime, saying they thought their vehicle was empty until the police offloaded the cartridges.

On Isa’s part, he narrated, ” I am 36 years old, I was a bus conductor but I told the man who introduced me to the job to get me acquainted if he gets a better job for me and he said no problem. He later called me that he has one small motor but I told him that I don’t have a driver’s license but I have some of my friends that can drive.

“When he called me that the vehicle was available, I called this my friend (pointing to Seyi) so that we can
venture into Charcoal business.

“We took the motor from Togo and when we got to Nigeria, Seyi said the spring is too small for charcoal business and we were taking it to Abeokuta to fix a better spring. On our way, the Police stopped us and said they are suspecting the vehicle but we said we don’t know anything about it, we thought it was the documents they are talking about.

“I don’t know the owner of the motor but he do come to Togo to buy vehicles and okirika (used cloths ) and when he gave me the vehicle he said we should bring it to Onitsha and call him when we get there. We were not aware that anything was concealed in the vehicle we thought we were driving an empty vehicle.

“Our understanding is that when we get to Onitsha, we will be doing he real job. I have called him immediately we were arrested and he spoke with the police”

Corroborating Isa, Bamgbose, also opined that he was only called upon by Isa for them to collaborate and engage in charcoal business.

“I know Isa in Idi Iroko border and he used to sleep in my house. One day I told him that, I don’t have a job again because my vehicle was sized by the Customs.

“Recently, he called me that a vehicle is available and I was happy especially when he told me it was a new vehicle. We went to Togo where the vehicle was packed, I observed that the vehicle was registered with Nigeria number.

“When we got to Nigeria, some of my friends told me that the spring of the vehicle was too small for charcoal business and I told him we should go to Abeokuta to repair the vehicle.

“While on the way, we were arrested at Imala and when I was asked to park, I complied because I know all the officers and I was sure the documents were up to date.

“I was even expecting the police to name their price since I know all of them but the story was different. Initially I though the vehicle documents were not genuine but they told us later in the day that there was Indian hemp and ammunitions in the vehicle and I stated laughing because it was an empty vehicle.


“We were taken to the Station, this morning and even when we got to the station, I insisted it was an empty vehicle but when they started offloading, I was equally astonished, I didn’t expect what I saw from the vehicle because it was right in our presence that the content of the vehicle was offloaded.”

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