Kogi2019:KOWA Party Denies Endorsing Yaya Bello, To Sanction Erring Members


The acting national chairman of KOWA Party, Comrade Mark Adebayo, has strongly dissociated the Party from “the purported endorsement of Governor Yaya Bello for second term in Kogi state”.

In a Press Release by the Party’s acting national chairman on Thursday 17th October at the Party’s National Secretariat in Abuja, the Party stated that

” It has been brought to the notice of KOWA Party’s national leadership through a few news media that KOWA Party was listed among political Parties that participated in the purported endorsement of Governor Yaya Bello for the second term. There are laid down processes and procedures in the Party to follow before such an action could take place. Certainly, the Party cannot be committed to such an action of significant political implications without the involvement and clear approval of the Party’s National Executive Committee. But this never happened.

The Party is investigating the circumstances that led to the alleged endorsement and appropriate disciplinary measure shall be applied on whoever is culpable of illegally committing the Party without clearance from the national leadership of the Party. Whatever arrangement the purported endorsement entails is null and void as far as KOWA Party is concerned” the statement read. “Whatever happened was an individual’s action or a few individuals at state level without the official approval of the Party’s national leadership and, to that extent, it’s of no value.

We assure all members and well-wishers of KOWA Party who have been calling and expressing concern about this unexpected development that the Party remains focused on building an enviable political structure different from the notorious Nigerian factor and a Party untainted by the roguish political culture of the ruling cliques. We are determined to stick with the patriotic founding vision of the Party as one that will liberate Nigerians from persistent leadership failures and avoidable socioeconomic quagmire into which the country has been plunged by respective visionless leaders that have governed the country since flag independence.

KOWA Party is different and we shall make the difference in due course irrespective of the challenges confronting the Party currently. The Party’s ideological standpoint cannot allow it to be tainted by romancing with diametrically opposed political forces. More importantly, we shall not allow the Party’s organisational discipline to be compromised. You cannot have a situation in our kind of political Party where the falcon cannot hear the falconer. No way!”


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