Sex-for-mark: Ekiti Varsity Lecturer Dismissed


As the sex-for-mark scandal is raising its ugly head once again in the polity, Ekiti state University yesterday also made a bold step in eradicating such act. It would be recalled that the Ekiti state university also had its fair share of this ugly trend in June, when an accounting lecturer Dr. O. O Aduwo was caught pants down in the process of having sex with a student known as Nike. Nike who played along with Dr. Aduwo however had other plans with her friends as they bombarded Aduwo’s house and filmed him unclad.

Multiple sources in the university has confirmed that the panel set up by the university management to look into the matter as headed by Proffesssor Ifedayo Akomolede finished its sitting yesterday and the unanimous recommendation is to terminate Aduwo’s appointment due to gross breach of trust and bringing the university name to disrepute.

The recommendation will however be ratified by the university senate.

Aduwo’s case was said to be premised not only on this misconduct but also on his teaching capacity. “Aduwo is not such a brilliant lecturer, his spoken English is so bad and we’ve been managing him all the while, so when this came up, it was easy to discard him” the source reiterated.

The BBC African eye documentary on sex-for-mark has been  causing great stir in the polity for some days now leading to the suspension of Dr Boniface Ighenegbu of the University of Lagos.


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