Philanthropist Tasks Youths To Reposition Themselves For Development

A philanthropist, Sikiru Akerele has urged youths to stop allowing themselves to be used for violence, buy reposition themselves for self and national development.
He said, youths should rather promote unity among themselves with a view to given them sense of seriousness by Nigerian leaders and venture into things that would give them respect, honour and self development.
Akerele spoke in his Ila-Orangun home recently during a sensitisation of some selected youths against violence.
Noting that the rate at which youths turn themselves to willing tools in the hands of politicians for violence is alarming and worrisome, the US-based businessman said, such orientation must be changed.
Noting that series of youth empowerment programmes have been designed by him to make youth self-dependent as part of efforts to make things work better, he said this is one of the way development can be achieved.
He said: “Politics of bitterness and violence can not bring any development to our community, state and Nigeria as a whole, particularly among the less-privileged.
“It is the right of every youth to participate in politics if they so wish, but it should not be allowed to get to the stage of do-or-die or allowed themselves to be used for violence.
“We must note that those in the position of authority relate at their level, hence, we must not allowed ourselves to be used by any politician before, during and after elections.
“There is need for us to pursue unity and peace. When youth play their role to make this happen, it is then that they would be taken serious by those in the position of authority”, Akerele stressed.
He then insisted that for the desired development to come, every stakeholder, particularly youths must be willing to promote peace and unity.


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