Opinion: Amotekun :They Beat Tinubu To This – Rasheed Rasheed Senior


On the day Amotekun was launched in Ibadan, I noticed the conspicuous absence of the governors of Lagos, Ogun and Osun state. What first ran in my mind was that is it possible that this feat does not enjoy Tinubu’s blessing? I kept my cool because I saw the representatives of these absent governors (at least I saw deputy governor of my state Osun). Punch newspaper later gave my thought a face with its caption to the Amotekun story until it later became subject of national discourse.

Aside Malami throwing spanner into the wheel of Amotekun and the shenanigans of that product of factional NYCN Saleh, who got good costume to impersonate as Miyeti Allah to act the script of his pay masters, the issue of Amotekun also polarized the very people of southwest. While the move won the admiration of many, some believed it is a needless political jamboree, seeing it as a move geared towards the 2023 general poll.

As for me too, I see it more as a political move but, with a modicum of correctness. Back in the days as a student unionist/politician, my camp leaders Adelugba Olumide Emmanuel Oso Oluwayomi, Adegunju Waliu Osama and others before any political battle will always lace our ambition under the spontaneous acceptance of our idea by the general student populace. So once your idea is seen as lofty, then your political interest will be achieved without the masses realizing it. That was exactly what the Fayemi/Akeredolu camp did with Amotekun.

The first observation to make is that, all the hues and cries emanating on Amotekun are all from President Buhari’s camp. Malami, Fayemi, Akeredolu, are they all not PMB’s kitchen boys? But today, Fayemi has won the admiration of many in the southwest knowing full well that before now, he can only boast of his grip on Ekiti state. Not even the totality of Ekiti. Akeredolu also silently sealed his second term ambition with this move. If egbon Olufemi Akindele Lawson can forgive Aketi because of his stand on Amotekun and other sundry issues lately, then you should know that Aketi is coasting home to victory. These guys knew they don’t have the structure of Tinubu in the southwest, so the earlier they start selling themselves ahead 2023 and demarket Tinubu, the better for them. And they won on this. They used the very pill Tinubu knows best to serve him this time ‘Masses oriented move laced with political ambition/interest’.

BAT was forced out from his silence just as his governor boys did because the matter is becoming more embarrassing, so he needs to make moves too.

Well, 2023 may still be far, but the scoreline on the qualifiers game is Fayemi 1-0 Tinubu. And as a matter of fact, irrespective of the notion behind the birth of that security outfit, AMOTEKUN has come to stay!!

Rasheed Rasheed Senior


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