The judges of the Federal high court Osogbo,Osun state on hearing about the deaths of the Chief Judge of Kogi state, Nasir Ajanah and a judge of Enugu High Court, Justice Fidelis Ngwu have been gripped with fear.

The two judges reportedly died of COVID-19 at the weekend, thus igniting panic in their brothers in other states.

When FHC Osogbo resumed Monday, security men prevented people from entering into the court as only members of staff were allowed to enter with thorough screening by security men who stood firmly at the entrance.

Those that have cases and those that have come to the court to file motion were asked to stay outside.

During an argument with a lawyer who insisted that he would enter, one of the security men stated that the order came on Monday morning from one of the judges in the court.

Asked why lawyers were asked to also stay outside with defendants, the security operative said he could not give an answer but follow the order strictly.

The order was that everybody will remain outside until their cases are called and only the lawyer, his client, prosecutor and one witness would be allowed to enter at a time.

Lawyers were given “Counsel Attendance List” to sign before the commencement of proceedings and the counsels used the bonnet of a car to sign the list.

The case that involved the speaker of the state House of Assembly, Timothy Owoeye, was the first on the list called by the police.

Some people were alleged to have conspired to defraud Owoeye of the sum of N38 million when he was the leader of the assembly under the pretence of organising spiritual prayer for him.

(By Lateef Dada, BluePrint)


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