Peter Okoye and family beats Corona Virus


Peter Okoye of the now splitted P Square group took to his twitter page to warn his fans and other Nigerians about the danger of corona virus,he laid emphasis on the realness of the virus and how it actually exists in Nigeria contrary to the belief of most people in the country.

He explained how it started three weeks ago when he fell sick and decided to keep it to himself,he later tested positive to the virus and was self-isolated in the guest room of his house.Two of his domestic staffs also got infected with the virus and had to take proper measures to fight the virus.

The biggest part of his revelations was when he admitted that husband only daughter,Aliona Okoye and wife,Omotayo Okoye also tested positive to the virus.The daughter tested positive first and was being self isolated in her room when her Mum decided that she couldn’t let her daughter go through the ordeal alone,she would rather get infected than leave her daughter alone in self isolation.

Peter Okoye assures everyone that they have all tested negative and they are all doing fine.He further advised Nigerians to keep taking preventive measures against the virus


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