Saying Nigeria is a joke is quite an understatement but the joke I must say is on the Nigerian populace. The elites though, may not have rehearsed the drama line for line, but the grand plan is very known to them all. The simple plan is to deflect our reasoning from the serious and grievous matters ravaging the country.

While most of the actors present their drama just for the sole purpose of escaping the hot seat, some others like Ngige and Faleke drop their farts with utter arrogance that reeks of ignorance.

For all devilish paint we all have used to paint Tinubu, I dare ask, what is Tinubu’s own in the case? So Ngige felt Faleke is not big enough to either question or insult him. Phew, he flew to his mentor and with all those disparaging words, it showed that there is deep seated hatred in the heart of Ngige against Tinubu. If Faleke insults you, why cant you just insult him too. Why Tinubu? So when the shining light of the south east openly lambast the leader of southwest, what unity are we preaching?

James Faleke too, acting like the proverbial fly that hoves around palmwine until it falls into it. Your gullible show of loyalty to Tinubu makes you fall into deeper mess. Why cant you just redirect the discourse until you turned it to a jamboree in defense of your master. What did you gain from it? More mess.

Chris Ngige in his crass ignorance laced with arrogance asserted that he is a V.I boy and Faleke is a Mushin boy, a politician who is representing the interest of the ordinary masses but is quick to show the rich-poor disparity , is that one worthy to lead? So any one who comes from the downtown, the downtrodden in Nigeria does not have the chance to breath and aspire and become something. That is Ngige, our federal minister for labour and productivity.

Then he showed his gaffe, he said This is a “Mushin boy from Kogi oh”, trying to justify that Kogi is Northern Nigeria and he Ngige is from southern Nigeria. Amnesia however was Ngige’s friend at that time, because if Faleke is a northerner and you are a southerner, why should Tinubu, your fellow southerner enjoy free tongue-lashing from you? If you feel as more Lagos than Faleke, why is Tinubu, your fellow Islander not safe from your lousy destructive mouth in the name of politics. And maybe you have forgotten that Faleke is Yoruba, coming from Kogi or North central geopolitical zone is just a mere expression.

In all these, one thing is obvious. These people are not for us but for themselves.



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