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Covid19 shoved in prophecy, and slipped out from no pastor, and priest. So new, and deadly. Clipped the world, burn the world economy to ashes, turned hospitals to market, and gave morgues enough cries. Covid19 made prime ministers to shiver in 2020. In Italy, PM Conte cried. In UK, PM Boris Johnson slumped, and recovered at the ICU. The virus brandishes at sturdy Presidents. From Trump, to Bolosonaro to Magufuli till they all become phlegm. Yet, this is no world war but a novel virus ravaging from Syria to America.

Lack of vaccine forced President Putin to romance animals in Russia. Wild animals to scare humans, and not the virus. The virus needs no air travel, advertisements, or campaigns before thriving to contract new patients. Medicine flees at first before face mask, social distancing surfaced as the new normal. lockdown surges as a political tool. Cities like the great Venice, Paris, New York, Tokyo all succour to the virus.

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In Nigeria, we kept mum. We worshipped the virus. Foreign countries became our model. At first, we slopped to argue we are going to learn from the virus. We drew hospital plans in our heads, we smiles at massive recruitment of doctors, and nurses in post Covid era. In one word, we thought the virus would prompt the government to build world class hospitals. We heard about the funds donated to the government at the federal, and state levels from corporate organizations, but we never saw it. The virus persisted till it became active in Nigeria. No one trust the stats but we saw Abba Kyari. We saw Ajimobi. Aristocrats dying due to covid19. Covid19 became trusted till it became a scam in Nigeria.

Governor Akeredolu came out. Sluggishly, trimmed his beards, and dyed it to white. Shaved his head, and fixed his face shield tight, and said to the teeming press, “I have Covid”. A state aiming for election. For his deputy, Agboola Ajayi, he is a swaying force and not a friend with his boss. All of a sudden, the virus disappeared. Governor Akeredolu mocked the virus. Popped out from isolation, hung his seat, and spat at his deputy. Governor Akeredolu is Covid19 free because his job is at stake. From the roaring populace clipped at home, they started refraining scam. Edo state also took turn with new narrative. In Edo State, mammoth crowd would serve as hyperbole. Both the APC, and PDP rallies saw crowds. On that day, the virus was zero off. The aristocrats danced and hugged. Packed hungry people in the arena spewing to them fables. That day, covid19 took heel, and ran for safety. However, in America, they used virtuals in both GOP and Democrat conventions.

The virus became a law in Nigeria. For the lawmakers, it is amendable. For so long, churches were closed. Yet, scam persists. The Minister for humanitarian affairs, Sadiya Umar Farouq flash at us her long list of stimulus plans. She narrated how billions were used to feed students at home. Private workers like teachers, shop attendants, Cinema workers all suffered. No relief, no furlough. The government under President Buhari called the media three times. Now, to President Buhari the virus is death. To him, he is facing the economy and yet recession is looming.

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Schools were closed. After all, we followed closely via our newspapers, and televisions how schools like Harvard university, Oxford university were all shut. In our local tongue, “no wahala” with no provision for the schools. No plans for sustainability. Cinemas, bars, churches were all closed. Just a clue from yesterday, all have learnt how to boycott and expose our hypocrisy. The scam is now flashing at us like anyone who uses the face mask would be mocked. Hand sanitizing amidst people looks odd all of a sudden. In a public bus, you would be mauled, and mopped if you dare insist on social distancing. No more rules because covid19 is dying. Our new numbers is coming down. We are flattening the curve because we are no longer testing. Stay safe everyone.

By Adebayo Olawale Lawrence


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