Since the formal defection of Omisore to APC, PDP guys have been whining and now APC juggernauts joined the fray,tagging him as a spent politician, paper weight politician etc. If he is such inconsequential, why are you all crying to high heavens? Lol

The jabs of former governor Rauf Aregbesola is in the least needless, though it showed that there is apparent crack in Osun APC and at that, Oyetola will have to contend with forces within APC come 2022 before going out. It however seems this whole noise is about the alliance finally cemented by Oyetola with Omisore. Quite glaring that if Omisore will still be in APC come 2022 and not contesting, he will surely support Oyetola. If he’s a paperweight, why all the roforofo?

We all witnessed what would have been a fatal defeat of Oyetola in 2018 due to late support Aregbesola gave him. It’s no news that Oyetola was never Aregbesola’s choice. It’s no news that Aregbesola’s machinery were deployed very late during the electioneering process in 2018. If not for Omisore’s pulling out of PDP and his coming to the aid of APC at the re-run, would Aregbesola be able to boast of having a successor despite his “gargantuan machinery” ? So if it is an open secret that there is no love lost between Oyetola and Aregbesola as of the now, do you expect Oyetola to stand akimbo and be at your mercy come 2022? That’s not possible!!

Oyetola will form alliance, reach out to people, get his own team ready too for any eventuality. And he has made the Omisore choice as masterstroke once again. If you believe Omisore is not heavy in Ife, if not the whole Ife/Ijesha axis, then go and take your money back from your political school.


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