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“The Vivacious Lady”: Islamic Fiction On Sexual Behaviour Set For Release

The Vivacious lady, a fictional book that treats sexual behaviours, sexual relations and other marital issues is set to hit the shelf.

Authored by a seasoned entrepreneur and life coach, Mrs Rawsheedah Akorede Saheed explained that her inspiration to write the book was from personal experiences and the need to dwell on sexual orientation and behaviour, a topic which according to Mrs Akorede Saheed is not an every day thing discussed within the Muslim circle.

In a personal statement , the Islamic-permissible aphrodisiac marketer and mother of two admitted that “Never in my dreams have I ever thought I’ll write a book, let alone become an author. I have always admired writers especially how they are able to weave intricate stories while keeping people glued on anxiety and closure albeit remaining a lazy reader. I once saw a post years back saying that whatever it is you admire in people remains relatable because you possess a bit of that thing in you.

I also recall being an ardent follower of authors and decided to progress my writing in bits. After taking this leap, I was encouraged to harness this skill especially by my father who had obviously seen something I never imagined I had.

I am excited right now as I hope to share ‘The Vivacious Lady’ with you all in few weeks!

Alhamdulillah! I am pleased to announce to you that the wait is over and our book will soon be cradled in your hands!”

The Akure born serial entrepreneur also highlighted what to expect in the fictional writing.

“The Vivacious Lady is big! It is beyond matters in the other room, aphrodisiacs and spices. It’s a commingled novel and recipe book

The book talks about an integral part of human lives; vital but delicate, helping to delineated the issue of sex and sexual behaviours which is not an everyday topic of discussion in the lives of Muslims.

The book is presented in a succinct yet stylish, bold yet modest, detailed yet sparing manner that is inoffensive to the sensibilities of its target readers. A compendium of concise information, recipes and advice revolving around marital life of a fictional character, Hind, for the wholesome benefit of the woman, the Muslim woman to be precise. The story of Hind alongside her challenges resonates with many women in their quests for self-fulfillment in their lives and marriages. It is a must-have for every home.”

The much awaited book is set to be launched on the 6th of February 2022 via zoom and WhatsApp platforms starting from 5pm Nigerian Time.

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