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Amosun Declares War Against “Lagos” Politicians, Zones Governorship Slot To Ogun West

His “TEKOBO” full statement.

The social media yesterday was awashed over the pronouncement of Gov. Ibikunle Amosun on his support for Ogun West for produce the state governor come 2019.

Read his full statement below:

 “We are in the month of Ramadan a sacred month,the month that we need to tell ourselves some truths,because as for
me someday l will die and stand before my creator and he, will ask me how l spent my life, whether l allow equity,objectivity and fairness in my dealings with fellow human beings….. let me tell you the truth “I am not God o, but my position on the issue of my successor and continuity in OGUN STATE is that “If anybody come out from Ogun central to contest for the Governorship in 2019 l won’t support the person and l will also come out and campaign against him,lf anyone also come out from Ogun East, l may not campaign against the person but l will not give him my support,lf there is anyone l so much respect,adore and cherish that person is Awujale of ljebuland,but yet l will not support someone coming out from Ogun East.   But in 2019,I will support the candidature of OGUN WEST” but the West too must put their house in order and not go and bring us any TEKOBO (hails!!!!!!!) No! No!, not even that person you are thinking of,that one is not even in the race,Ogun State is not a place where a perambulator will just come and want
to govern,we are the pacesetters,we have got State Anthem 20,22 years before other States start copying us, so OGUN
WEST should put their house in order,because as they are scheming we are unfolding their plots,now apart from the TEKOBO that is well known to all of you, they are planning to send another two or three other TEKOBOS but we will resist them.  OGUN STATE is now about 43 years imagine this, a SENATORIAL District has not had a shot at the Governorship slot,is it fair? Let give OGUN WEST a chance so that all this shouts about YEWA LOKAN will end,if they too are allowed to produce the Governorship then there may not be basis for rotations and henceforth everything will be based on merit since the distribution would have gone round,so the task is now on YEWA to give us a “son-of-the- soil” or do we want to say as exposed and educated as we are in OGUN STATE that we don’t have human materials among us who can govern us except these “TEKOBOS”??

Expectedly, his stance was celebrated by indigenes of the Senatorial District and other districts (East and Central), who have sympathy for the district ahead of the 2019 race.
Whilst is no more news that Hon Isiaq Abiodun Akinlade and Gov Amosun have returned to talking terms and settled their grey areas, some loyalists of the former three-term House of Representatives member, have been moving in droves from the PDP to the APC.

Source: Oluwayomi Deborah Omojoye Adediji



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