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“I Did Not Remove Anybody’s HIJAB”- Kemi Ilori

The woman who was accused to forcefully dripped the veil (Niqob) of a Muslim Lady Shariifah Yunus at the Adeyemi Bero hall of the Lagos state Secretariat in Monday has cone to deny the act.

Shariifah Yunus had narrated how she was molested by Kemi Ilori on the 20th of November. Read her narrative http://www.timenewsng.com/2017/11/exposed-woman-who-forcefully-dropped.html?m=1

But in two seperate reactions from Kemi Ilori, one which she posted with her Facebook handle as the discussion rages on on social media, and the other one posted on the these of TimeNewsNg by one Tunde  Oduwole. While she denied any wrong doing in the first reaction, she wa s a but explicit on the second. Read her two reactions:

Good afternoon Madam, The photograph posted is mine. I DID NOT REMOVE ANYBODY’S HIJAB!! I am a victim of totally orchstrated falsehood. They went and took this photograph from my linkedin page for you to know the level of hatred. I owe no man grudge and I know that as long as the Creator lives I will be vindicated and liars will not go unpunished by my Creator. The deliberate attempt to smear my character by people erstwhile unknown to me is baffling. Is it jealousy? To what purpose is this attempt to polarized society? I wouldn’t even TOUCH someone wearing hijab not to talk of pulling their veil. I have lived in peace with my muslim neighbours and friends; infact one of them forwarded this to me. I am amazed at level of hatred and jealousy, woman-woman!!


My attention was drawn to this post which is currently trending. I am amazed at this orchestrated falsehood by compulsive jealous females. I work hard and I have no apologies for me chosen to do the work I do which has my Clients; mostly private sector, using me again and again.
I had constructed Africa Industrialization day exhibition for Lagos state this week (now yearly; this being my second of that particular one). I had worked tirelessly the whole weekend and arrived at the opening ceremony during the “tour of exhibition stands”. We also had “turn around” stands to construct which I wanted to supervise. These are stands built on the spot where guests sat; after the ceremony is over. I quickly greeted the LASG officials I knew and briskly walked to proceed with the work, mid-stride, I was WAYLAYED by two hijab wearing women. One said, “Aunty Kemi” and the other said we want to see you. I didn’t and still do not know these women, they approached me!! I bent forward, peered at the woman and said, “Hello, You want to see me?” She moved backward and started shouting, “Don’t try to touch me”. I turned and continued to my job. They thereafter came in threes and fours; all hijabed women, saying, “Why do they give you these jobs?”, “You are so arrogant: is it because of who your fathers is?”. I was shocked. My father is almost 84yrs old, what has he done to them. The next thing I saw was this post where they went to my Linkedin page and lifted my photograph to publish this story!!!! Lagos state belongs to everybody and my work is highly specialized. Infact if I had access to si gle digit offshore funds; I will do what my non-Nigerian contemporaries do……stay in one place and not be logging equipment up and down. As I write, I still do not know the names of these women. I could only recognise one who came with them a second time, one Mrs Ologunleko who works in Commerce. Why do some people try to polarize society and tear it apart? How does one seek redress in this kind of wicked propaganda. I have very good muslim friends and have lived peacefully with exceptionally nice muslim neighbours. These are obsessive compulsive women who are dangerous to society. I am happy that my relationship with all and sundry speaks for me and atteste to the fact that I wouldn’t even TOUCH anybody randomly not to talk of pull a veil ke?!!!

This is Kemi Ilori’s reply to me when I confronted her with the allegation.

Allahu Allam.

Tunde Oduwole,I-QS.




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