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“You Need Spiritual Medical Attention” Nigerians Go Hard on FFK for “comment” on Buhari’s Son accident

Many Nigerians on Twitter have come down hard on the former aviation Minister and ardent critic of President Muhammadu Buhari, Femi Fani-Kayode over his recent  post.

Fani-Kayode had Wednesday evening posted a comment perceived by many to be directed at President Son’s accident, which had caused him to be surgically operated on in Abuja.

The controversial politician had posted….”God told Pharaoh to “let my people go”.

Pharaoh asked Him who He was?
God told him “I am the I Am, that I Am” and sent
 signs of His awesome power. 
It cost Pharaoah both his own life and that of his son. 
Signs have been sent. Next comes the axe.
Let God’s people go!……..”

Many Nigerians who read his message have been reacting harshly, with some calling him names.

Read some of the comments that trailed his tweet:

Abubasit Crown on wrote on Facebook : Surfing ma Facebook, ran into Fani Kayode’s comments about PMB son who had an accident on his power bike…and I’m like; this is beyond politics..Fani is practically ill and its affecting his brain”

@funkemyfun wrote :This is uncalled for. Its quite irresponsible to rejoice over another persons mishap all in the name of politics.

Another @RolandYemy asked :Sir!  With all respect, were you exclusively breastfeed?  Cause somebody with correct development can’t talk the way you do…

@anyoha Tweeted :This man i hate today government but with this ur tweet am certain u in particular would be worse than rochas and buhari put together . U Too Raz !

@KUNLEADEIGBE said :You’ve been totally blinded by hatred for PMB that you’ve forgotten even the Bible frowns at this kind of shameless mockery. How could you be so vile as to play politics with his son’s mishap. Remember you have children too, if you can’t show empathy, kindly keep quiet sir.

@AdekunleHussein wrote :Sir, you’re very wicked….I thought you’re a man of honour and integrity but you’re not…Is it because of this power? May God forgive you.



  1. I knew that the Fanikayode that is in Nigeria like his father ARE EVIL. He is an interloper, and illiterate, wicked idiot who is following the footsteps of his father,and rouge,a vagabond, cannot be called successful but a failure. His utterances reflects deep hatred and disrespectful to godliness


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